WHAT’S CONFLICT COSTING YOU? This is a question we probably don’t ask enough. Commonly the answer is: time, money, productivity, morale, relationships, stress, trust. Perhaps the cost is success itself.

WATCH A SCHOOL OF FISH. It moves swiftly, fluidly whether at peace or in peril. Is that what you see at work? Or, is it often more like bumper cars at the county fair? 

IMAGINE AN ENVIRONMENT in which people are unimpeded by conflict because they have the skills and strategies to:

  • Create, mend, and maintain productive relationships
  • Engage conflict and competitive relationships constructively
  • Transform negative interactions into positive ones
  • Improve job satisfaction, performance, and professional esteem  
  • Reduce stress, time lost, and financial cost

HOW CAN YOU GET THERE? The road to transforming conflict is littered with motivation, good intentions and redoubled efforts. But, the road is paved with effective conflict management and resolution skills. 

I CAN HELP YOU pave that road. I lead workshops that are lively, interactive, fun, and deliver powerful skills and strategies for constructively engaging conflict, and creating productive environments and successful teams.


PLEASE CHECK OUT my adaptable, themed workshops by clicking the boxes below. Then REACH OUT, share your questions and interests, and I will deliver a program that gets you the results you're looking for.






My approach is simple: Share strong skills and strategies, practice them together, help you make them habits.  From how you can approach conflict and influence how the mind works, to communicating constructively, to problem solving collaboratively, I'll provide both the bird's eye view and the details of how to be successful.


I lead my workshops with passion, energy, humility and humor to make the content memorable and learning fun. If you're not engaged, I’m not doing my job. I design my programs to be relevant, to get you involved, and to give you lots of opportunities to practice the skills we're working on together.


Knowledge may be power, but ability is empowerment. My workshops provide concrete skills and step-by-step strategies you can use today, and take home materials to support your practice after the program is complete. And if you want more, I also offer follow up consulting for targeted training and coaching.