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Get What you Need with the Language of Integrity and Empathy

Sticks and stones may break bones…but…words can hurt even more deeply. At home, at work, and in our communities, we seek to get our needs met through connection with others. But when we speak the language of judgment, comparison, and blame, we cause injury and pain. Not because we’re bad people or have evil intent, but because we’re unable to tap into our humanness—our empathy, our feelings, our needs. As a result, we damage relationships and miss opportunities for satisfaction, growth and collaboration.

The solution is to reframe how we express ourselves, and hear others, by incorporating our feelings and needs: to communicate honestly, vulnerably and empathically. In essence, to communicate the way we were meant to.  

In this workshop, which is based on the process of Non-Violent Communication conceived by the renowned Marshall Rosenberg, you will learn to: 

  • Improve relationships and diffuse conflict 
  • Express yourself non-judgmentally
  • Communicate in ways that encourage compassionate responses from others
  • Be less reactive and more understanding when presented with judgement and criticism 
  • Reduce stress and discomfort in difficult interactions
  • Increase the likelihood that everyone’s needs are met


The fundamental elements of this workshop include:

Expressing Ourselves Honestly

  •     Identifying and discussing concrete, observable facts 
  •     Expressing genuine feelings, and distinguishing them from what we think
  •     Linking feelings to needs to create connections with others
  •     Making clear, concrete requests that are not heard as demands

Receiving Others’ Communication Empathically

  • Understanding the four options we have when hearing a difficult message 
  • Sensing the feelings and needs in other’s statements
  • Demonstrating understanding and connection by acknowleging the other’s feelings and needs
  • The four A's of compassion