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Do you want HELP constructively addressing conflict at your workplace, organization, municipality, or campus?
Will you benefit from SUPPLEMENTAL SUPPORT to help make the most of skills learned at a workshop?
Are you interested in EFFECTIVE PREPARATION for a negotiation, mediation or multi-party dispute resolution process?

Sometimes the very best approach to managing conflict well and building conflict confident team, is to share the task with an experienced professional. I consult with and coach individuals, groups and organizations to provide customized advice, support and strategies for engaging conflict productively. 

Consulting with me can be an opportunity to address a variety of short and long term needs, including:

  • Personalized advice for addressing chronic or newly spiraling conflict, and for preventing future conflict 
  • Post-workshop coaching for implementing skills and strategies
  • Pre-process advice for effectively preparing for a negotiation, mediation or other collaborative resolution process 
  • Post-process strategies for implementing agreements on practice and conduct

CONTACT ME to discuss how we can create a consulting/coaching relationship that will help you achieve your goals.