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Strengthening Relationships by Using the Skills of Integrity & Competence

In the realm of human achievement, nothing works like trust; and nothing hurts like its absence. When we calculate to trust, collaboration, creativity, loyalty and success become our way. We go out and we build that bridge, together.  

When we don’t trust, we are consigned to the elements our dysfunction: isolation, fear, competition, insecurity, and failure. We don’t build that bridge. We skip pebbles in the water, never leaving shore.

Fortunately, trust can built by employing an identifiable set of behaviors and skills. And when we falter, or enter a situation where trust has broken down, these same skills become the road map to repairing trusting relationships.

Join me for a lively, interactive, fun workshop where we’ll identify and practice specific skills and behaviors you can use right away to create, improve, and rebuild trusting relationships that will be strong and durable.


Among the tools I bring to a Building trust workshop are:

Understanding How Trust Works Within All of Us

  •  What is trust? 
    •  What is this risk calculation?
  •  What motivates us to trust?
    •  What are the benefits of trusting?
    •  When do we need trust most?
  •  How do we the math?
    •  What are our brains up to?
      •  Reason vs. Intuition?
    •  What can we do about it?

Exploring Trust Creating Skills and Behaviors

  •  What trust building behaviors and skills can we employ?
    • Accountability—competence—confidence keeping—conflict response--connection with others—constructive communication—disagreeing with compassion, heart and purpose—fairness—forgiveness—generosity—gratitude—humility—integrity—joint problem solving—non-judgement—reliability—self-control—transparent process.

Making Trust a Comfortable Habit

  • How can we mindfully use social emotions to make trust skills an easy routine?
    • Compassion
    • Gratitude
    • Pride and perseverance