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Mediation and Conflict Resolution Education
Conflicts Mediated

This list describes some of the conflicts and contexts in which I provide mediation services. If you are curious whether mediation might work for you, please contact me. All inquiries are strictly confidential.  

Business/employment.  Conflict and disputes among partners, employers, employees, co-workers, customers, contractors and other parties involved in business. Mediation may also facilitate the constructive dissolution or restructuring of a firm; and/or separation of partners, principals or employees.

Construction.  Disputes that arise among contractors, sub-contractors, owners and others. 

Contracts.  Disputes arising from agreements between parties involving any number of commercial or personal circumstances.

Divorce.  The process of mediating agreement on issues of custody, financial support and property division to be included in a final court order. (What is divorce mediation?)   (What happens in divorce mediation?)   (Benefits of divorce mediation.)

Post Divorce.  Mediation between divorced parents regarding parenting arrangements, custody, support and other issues arising after divorce. Post Divorce

Estates.  Conflict among heirs over estate issues including property division and use.

Family.  Family Mediation and/or mediated conversations among family members regarding a variety of conflicts and challenges presented by family life, including the allocation of resources and care of aging parents.

Land Use.  Conflict arising from the use and development of land among landowners, neighbors, developers, and other interested parties.

Real Estate.  Disputes between buyers, sellers, agents, brokers and other interested parties arising from real estate transactions.