​Conflict Resolution Skills Training

There is no getting around it—conflict happens.  How we deal with conflict can have a profound effect on our lives.  Yet, few of us receive any formal education in how to engage it productively.

For twelve years Peter has presented interactive workshops to business professionals and individuals who seek skills to address conflict more effectively at work, at home, and just about anywhere else.

These trainings are designed to be lively and fun, and most importantly, to provide participants with powerful skills they can put to use right away.

Participants will learn skills to:

  • Resolve conflicts and deal with competitive relationships

  • Communicate productively even when folks are at odds

  • Create, mend and maintain productive relationships even under challenging circumstances

  • Develop confidence when engaging conflict and competitive relationships

  • Transform negative interactions into positive ones 

  • Reduce the stress and wear conflict can impose 

  • Negotiate and problem solve with confidence

  • Become effective collaborative leaders

  • Shape satisfying working and social environments

  • Enhance job satisfaction, performance and professional esteem

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Mediation and Conflict Resolution Education
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